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Professional Spotlight

Monica Hernandez
Monica Hernandez Valdez
Indoor Rowing/Fitness Trainer
León, GT - Mexico
bullet 1st Place Interclub Indoor Rowing and Best Female Time Score 2004 – 2007
bullet 1st Place and Best Time Score National Championship 2008 - 2010
bullet 1st Place Indoor Rowing Championship for the Rowing Association - Mexico City in September 2011


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"I needed cellular support to get into balance and restore the physical fatigue. That’s when YOR Health came to my life, satisfying all those needs."
During my sport era, I never used to take any kind of supplements, just ordinary food. If they were offered to me somehow, I was rather skeptical. However, a friend of mine that used to work for me as an indoor rowing trainer, told me about YOR Health products. Since I trust him, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave myself the chance to try them out.

Due to my profession and my training sessions, I needed cellular support to get into balance and restore the physical fatigue. That’s when YOR Health came to my life, satisfying all those needs. The best part was that I found something beyond that, such as friends, dreams and hope for a better world.

The results with YOR Health products were immediate in terms of energy. Due to the physical fatigue I used to have, I couldn’t make it through the day during my training sessions, which started early in the morning and went on until the evening. Besides that, I had to look after my children. I had to take a nap in the afternoon otherwise I wouldn’t make it.

However, once I started taking YOR Health products, I felt like I no longer needed a nap. The muscle fatigue was gone. Actually, I started feeling like I was 18 years old again. The best thing was that during my last indoor rowing competition in Mexico City back in September 2011, I felt better efficiency and performance during the last leg of the race. That is usually when you really feel your legs start to burn out. I felt I had a better breathing pace and my legs rose to the occasion. I won 1st place and I got my best time score in Mexico City. In addition, my recovery was way faster than the last competitions, I felt like I didn’t need to make the kind of effort that you usually experience down the stretch, as a professional race should be.

That’s why I take YOR Health, because I feel more active all the time, despite the bunch of activities I usually do, both physically and with my husband and kids. I have more energy, I’m more alert and I’m happier. I’m confident because I have products that have a patent, an Advisory Board that is internationally recognized, and the fact that I can share this patent with my students and the people that know about me and trust me as an athlete and a trainer.

There are a lot of high-performance athletes involved with YOR Health that are sharing their experiences and testimonies, so that’s why I’m proud that I can do the same in my city and my country. I have the chance to give something back and promote sporting and good health.
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