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Professional Spotlight

Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker
Competitive Fitness Model & Training Director
Wolcott, CT - USA
bullet Health & Fitness Expert and Competitive Men’s Physique Model
bullet Director of fitness in the largest personal training program in Connecticut
bullet 2nd Place Men’s Physique WBFF Fitness Atlantic National Championships
bullet 2x2nd Place WBFF Boston New England championships
bullet 2nd Place WBFF Providence Fitness Weekend


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Being a competitive fitness model and personal training director my image is heavily weighted in my career progression. When I discovered the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge, I was intrigued by the company's product philosophy. Working in the gym and studying dietetics left me feeling very skeptical. After doing research I joined the Challenge and saw results not only in my physique, but in my energy levels, recovery time, strength, endurance, having increased attention and focus while noticing on a cellular level; LDL cholesterol lowered, HDL increased, blood pressure dropped, my BMI decreased, my body fat % dropped proving these products build muscle, burn fat, and increase performance in every facet of life, selling me that there isn’t another company comparable to YOR Health!
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