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Athletic Advisory Board

Sid Taberlay
Sid Taberlay
Athletic Advisor
bullet Professional Mountain Biker
bullet Athens Olympian
Sid Taberlay
Sid Taberlay is originally from Tasmania, Australia and moved to America to support his wife's career in cancer research. Growing up Sid describes himself as an energetic kid and got into riding because that's what all of his friends were into. His determination and competitive will inspired him to put in hours of practice which eventually led Sid to competitive racing at the age of 16.

Working his way through club level, to state level and eventually becoming Tasmanian State Junior Champion, Sid has climbed the ranks to become one of the world's top professional mountain bike riders. Training rigorously in the year 2000, Sid finished 3rd in the U23 National Championships and was selected for his first National Team for the U23 World Championships in Spain. Continuing to improve each year, Sid was able to finish top 10 in the World and earned a spot in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Sid is also a 5x National Champion, a World Championship medalist, and winner of countless international competitions. But after having very limited results with his 2006/2007 season, he believed that his racing career was over. That is until he started attending a local bunch ride and was introduced to the YOR Health product line in 2008.

He remains an active professional rider and has improved his physique and performance since he incorporated the use of the YOR Health product line. Recently Sid has won 3 individual USA West Coast Series races and the West Coast Series overall title.