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Gabriel Navarro

Gabriel Navarro 100 Pound Club
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My Testimonial
My name is Gabriel Navarro I am 36 years old, two years ago I was living in Mexico City with morbid obesity. I was 290 lbs., suffering the typical health disorders of my condition, with plenty of pain during the day, and above that I was the target of cruel jokes (which mostly I had to laugh for); also I had to face the frustration of being discriminated for job offers, realizing with profound sadness that my resume was put aside just because of my image.

All those circumstances made me feel awful with myself to the point of entirely losing my self-esteem, I hated the way I looked like, and as most of the people in my condition, I got used to it and accepted it as my reality. I did not know at that time, that someone who does not love himself, cannot be loved by someone else, and as result, my personal life sank like the Titanic. I got divorced and until now it hurts tremendously not being able to see my son as often as I want. But…fortunately there is a “but”, a good friend of mine, named Rene Peña, showed me the door to the real and actual me!

I have to be honest though, in the beginning, I did not believe that the option he was giving me was reliable. I’ve tried for so long, so many diets and nutritional systems, to a point that I considered it ridiculous to try one more thing. Long story short, I trusted my friend Rene and here I am with 130 lbs of weight loss and feeling better that ever in my entire life! It was not a magical and short path, I attended the trainings where I learned to improve my health, I attended the leadership meetings where I learned the tools to improve in my business, and I have attended every Sunday morning to the readers circle, where my mind and my soul have been nurtured, all that, handed by amazing people in this company, primarily Cus and Azya who are always willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us.

Now I feel that my life has changed, and I see it every day in the mirror, there is a perfect time for everything and “this is my time”, but I went after it. was able to see the opportunity and took it. I am not bullied for my appearance anymore, little by little all the aspects of my life have changed, my health could not be better, I have found a great job, and one year ago precisely, at the YOR Health event last year, when Mr. Dennis Wong asked to the crowd to raise their hand if we wanted to find our soul mate, I raised mine. Curiously the girl in the seat next to mine did not raise her hand, and when I asked her why, she just said: “I thought I just found mine” we have been one year together and now I feel in balance and happy with my achievements but that is just the beginning, I will strive for more, always for more… spreading the voice of how YOR Health has changed my life.

Finally, I want to thank our leaders Dennis Wong and Michael Mo for your example as leaders.
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