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Erendira Paola Rodriguez Villegas

Erendira Rodriguez 100 Pound Club
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My Testimonial
I’m Erendira Paola Rodriguez Villegas, I’m from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. I’m 28 years old. My story begins with me carrying 140 kilos.

Long story short, I’ve been obese my whole life, since I was very little. That brought health complications, I couldn’t breathe properly, I got tired very fast doing simple tasks and I started having skin manifestations from insulin resistance at a young age, that made my childhood and adolescence very tough.

My parents were very worried about me and my health. I had tried everything to lose weight but still didn’t have good results. In 2009, I made the decision to have surgery, the bariatric doctor recommended a gastric sleeve, but even so he told me I had to lose weight to reduce the risks and complications, because even though I was young (18 years old), there were many risks.

After doing a lot of exercise and diets, I managed to go down to 118 kilos and I was finally able to undergo surgery. It was amazing how I started to lose weight very, very fast. I was very happy but nobody told me that after surgery it was going to be hard to get the nutrients I needed. That brought new complications, like anemia, which took me a long time to control; I had to take every supplements I could and I “tried” to each the best I could.

And I say “tried” because the quantities I was able to consume were absurd! Both food and liquids. I remember it was so many multivitamins that I had to take them during the day because I simply couldn’t take them all at one time; it was either filling my stomach with food or pills. I had to eat several times a day and still my requirements weren’t filled, I was hungry all the time. Sometimes I only smelled the food, because I knew my body couldn’t tolerate to eat it.

That situation lasted a long time and more complications started to show. My hair was falling off a lot and my skin was always dry no matter how much lotion and oils I put on.

During the first year after surgery, I managed to go down to 69.8 kilos and honestly, I never felt good. Taking supplements on a daily basis was necessary to cope with my day to day. I suffered from dizziness every day, I fainted several times.

About two years after the surgery, I started gaining weight. I still didn’t eat much so I couldn’t understand why I kept gaining weight. I tried exercising and I follow a “diet”, but no, nothing worked. It felt like my body was taking the toll.

Time went by and I went back to 115 kilos, almost the same as when I underwent surgery. I had many conflicting emotions inside of me, so much effort, so much suffering, so much damaged I had done to my body that wasn’t enough, I was back to where I started or even worse.

My Mother, who was a doctor, seeing my suffering and how I was getting worse, started researching what supplements I could take to be healthier. Fortunately, one of her friends from the healthcare area was taking YOR Health, and that’s how I was introduced to the YOR Best Body challenge and YOR Health products.

I started nourishing my body and little by little, my health and my energy became regular.

Chocolate YOR Shake is my favorite thing in the world, it’s like dessert to me and it fits perfectly into my lifestyle. YOR SuperGreens is the same, every time I take it is like having my body filled with vitality. I always carry my pillbox YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Repair Ultra and YOR Essential Vitamins.

My life changed a lot with YOR Health because the amount of servings and pills I had to take was drastically reduced and from the first days of taking it I started to feel better.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, let alone immediate. But today I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been my whole life, which is 65 kilos, even less than when I underwent surgery! The important part for me is not the physical change, although I have to admit I love it, it is knowing I’m healthy. I’m completely excited for knowing that my bodyworks as it should thanks to a good diet and supplementation and a different lifestyle. I feel full of energy, I eat delicious food and I definitely love inspiring other people to reach their goals.

Undoubtedly, I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m 100% sure that I couldn’t have achieve it without the help from YOR Health products.

This became a lifestyle, it doesn’t feel like diet/medication but as my day to day. It is amazing how your body reacts to the love we give to it through a good diet.
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Individual results may vary. Factors that may affect your results include (but are not limited to) your metabolism, exercise routine, diet, smoking, pregnancy, current medications and any medical conditions. As with any health or fitness program, regular exercise and a sensible eating plan are essential to achieve long-term weight loss results. No customer was paid for a testimonial.