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Professional Spotlight

Gabriel Soto
Gabriel Soto
Model, Actor & Singer
Santa Fe, Mexico City
Gabriel is passionate about sports. He takes part in them personally and is the Founder of a youth foundation to prepare and sponsor new boxing talents.
  • Cars & Motorcycles
    • He is part of the Yamaha team and a NASCAR ambassador in Mexico.
  • UFC & MMA
    • Mixed Martial Arts has always been one of his passions. He was part of a reality show in 2014 to help choose the new UFC fighter. As a hobby, he trains Mixed Martial Arts.
  • Boxing
    • He trains it, lives it and supports it unconditionally. Gabriel created the No Tires La Toalla Foundation to sponsor career promising young boxers with limited economic resources. Part of the foundation’s mission is to also stop bullying.
    • He has sat on juries for important boxing competitions.