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Nature has always provided the answers for good health and natural living.
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You just have to know where to look
YOR Health uncovered these answers. Now we are encouraging others to return to nature, rid themselves of harmful toxins, return to simpler life, and see a more complete vision of what true health really is.

We are on a mission to
live bare
Live Bare is a philosophy to do everything with pure intentions. This means we must be authentic, everything must be purposeful, and must be of the highest quality.
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For our products, it means choosing the cleanest ingredients possible and finding natural solutions to everyday health and household activities.

What does it mean to Live Bare?

To Live Bare means to have great health, to live purely, and to enhance life with the amazing power of nature.

A vital part of any movement is innovation. We decided that creating clean products made of synthetic-free, plant-based ingredients is more than just a unique offering—it’s a responsibility to the health of families everywhere, to the planet on which we live, and to the bodies we are given to carry us through this life.

EVERYDAY DANGERS - Every day, the average person is exposed to thousands of chemicals. Hundreds are absorbed through the skin. Harmful particles may lie dormant in the body for years before suddenly causing harm. Many of these unseen, harmful chemicals are found in the products you use everyday in your home. While the majority has accepted this as the norm, it’s time for things to change.
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There's a shift happening towards a more natural way of life.

The choices you make matter. Choosing to be a part of the Live Bare movement means taking a holistic approach to your own life, finding natural solutions whenever possible, and helping others to understand the importance of living purely, wholly, and fully.

Why YOR Health?
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To Live Bare means to return to what matters most. We are a company of visionaries—authentic, driven, and exceptional individuals who Live Bare every day.

We want to give life everything we have, to create positive changes within our lifetime, and to provide for the ones we love. We are one-minded towards our goals, and our goal is to know we have truly lived.

If you agree, we invite you to wholeheartedly pursue your goals along with us.
Our passion is to return to the pure power of nature and share it with others. We do this through the Live Bare movement.
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Live Bare

Join us in the live bare movement.

We’re on a mission to share with people what it means to Live Bare.

We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body, and that those products should be clean, pure, and organic whenever possible. Nature holds the answers to great health, and we’ve returned to nature to create some of the finest products available.

When you can trust the products you purchase for yourself and your family, you are one step closer to transforming your life and truly living bare.

We’re encouraging others to have great health, and to enhance their lives with the amazing power of nature.

In doing so, we’re empowering individuals to build a strong and thriving business while helping to create positive change in people’s lives and the products they use.

You hold the key to empowering yourself and inspiring future generations to make positive changes.

Help make Live Bare the new normal.